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Classic Debit Card


A key that gives you easy and 24/7 access to your money.

Credit Bank of Iraq Classic Debit Cards offers convenience and financial control by combining the worldwide acceptance and benefits. Your debit card enables you to access your money from any ATM within Iraq or abroad.

Open an account with Credit Bank of Iraq today and get your Debit Card to enjoy the services.

Who is it for?

The CIassic Debit Card is provided to all customers who open an account with Credit Bank of Iraq.

What do I get?

  1. Convenience - Pay at millions of POS (Point Of Sale) locations worldwide

  2. Safety & Security - Your Credit Bank of Iraq Debit Card saves you the worry of carrying cash

  3. Accessibility - Withdraw cash at over a million ATMs from local and international locations

What makes it special?

  • Cash withdrawal at local and international ATMs
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Your Credit Bank of Iraq Debit Card saves you the worry of carrying cash

Tell me more

  • It is essential that you sign your card as soon as you receive it
  • Be cautious when using the ATM - enter your PIN in such a way that no one can memorize your keystrokes
  • Visit the Credit Bank of Iraq Learning Center’s Security Tips page to further protect your card


  1. What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

    Credit Bank of Iraq makes sure our cardholders are as safe as possible. If your card is lost or stolen, contact Credit Bank of Iraq at +964 7901907114 during working hours or +965 22593680 after 3 pm of working days and on holidays. Credit Bank of Iraq will block your card from unauthorized transactions.

  2. When I am overseas, should I pay in IQD or another currency?

    It is always best to pay in the currency of the country you are visiting, because Credit Bank of Iraq exchange rates are very competitive.

  3. Can I withdraw cash from ATMs?

    Yes, you can withdraw cash from any of Credit Bank of Iraq’s conveniently placed ATMs. What’s more, you can withdraw 100% of your available funds.